"Let your footsteps make noise, 

Let the voice wake things around,

There are 100’s of them 




The Pre fall 20 collection is an exploration of lines and dreams contrasted with the notion of limitations and restrictions. Its a realisation and visualisation of boundries one crosses to be closer to the dream. 

Detailed tucks and embroidery, Back opening, minimilastic silhouette , pipings and subtle detailing are the essence of this collection. 

This collection is made on Khadi denim and Indo dyed handloom denim. Our signature Piping technique is used as design elements along with boundary inspired hand embroidery on panels. This embroidery also flows on vegetable-dyed Khadi denim. 

The underlying outlines in the garments depicts the boundries drawn around them. This creates the heavily contrasted pieces that, although more structured, when looking closer you’ll see the subtle beauty and detailing in the lines. 

Lastly, every piece in the collection is hand finished with a tresured element of tucks, beading or embroidery - the personalised signature of all CROSS A LINE pieces. 

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